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 What to keep? What to NPC?

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PostSubject: What to keep? What to NPC?   Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:08 am

Alot of members farm everyday, get tons of eq everyday. The usual question is, is this item useful? Alot of us here dont know what to keep and what to NPC.

If you know anything important that needs to be kept, please contribute to the list of 'KEEP' items, so we know what to NPC =]

Keep List

Crafting material
it is shown as (Crafting) when you mouse over the item, different class, different level needs different item. Check with Blacksmit>Item Production to know which you need.

Used to add hidden potential to your eq, depending on level, read the item description for info.

Misc item
Rough Agate - needed to plus lv24 eq
Revert Cube - used to remove the wrong potential added
Key of Dimensional Box - used to open golden rabbit box, get EPIC eq!!!

High Grade Magician's Heraldry Enhancement - Mattack 43-43, 7.5%-7.5%
High Grade Wise Heraldry Enhancement - Int 31, 5.90%
High Grade Heraldry Skill Lightning Relic - cd 16%
High Grade Health Heraldry Enhancement - vit 29, 5.20%
High Grade Life Vitality's Heraldry Enhancement - MAX HP 890, 7.50%
High Grade Heraldry Skill Grand Cross - up dmg 10%


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What to keep? What to NPC?
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